Who should come along?

Your husband or partner is very welcome to join you during the ultrasound scan. To bring small children along is usually boring for the child and distracting for yourself.

What if my husband or partner cannot join me?

If your husband or significant other cannot join you, we would suggest the following:

Download the Tricefy app at 

The ultrasound images / videoclips can be forwarded live to the email address on this app as the images and videoclips are stored during the ultrasound examination.

If there are any findings which need more explanation, we will endeavour to do so via a whatsapp call or skype. 

Should I have a full bladder?

An empty bladder is preferable during the ultrasound scan.

Should I eat chocolate before the ultrasound examination?

Please do not drink tea or coffee or eat chocolate beforehand to make the baby move during the ultrasound examination – this can result in the baby moving so much that the examination is actually more difficult.

Which information should I bring along?

Please have any relevant information on hand, including detail of:

  • Chronic health conditions
  • Any medication you used during or just prior to the pregnancy
  • Problems with a previous pregnancy
  • Genetic conditions or inborn abnormalities in your family or the baby’s father’s family
  • The calculation of the due date (for example, if you have had IVF treatment, the dates of fertilization and embryo transfer)
  • Previous ultrasound or other relevant examinations in the pregnancy

Any other preparation?

Also have a look at the following material:

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More information needed?

If you need more information on screening or diagnosis of genetic conditions, consider a consultation with a genetic counsellor or clinical geneticist: